Everyone matters. period

Core values

This is what drives our success.


We are fueled by passion and constantly drive to bring that avidness and fun into our work. Passion is what makes us more humane as a community.


Transparency and maintaining trust is our uttermost priority. Honesty is a virtue that we strongly uphold in every transaction that we make.


The rule of thumb is to always finish what we’ve started. And that certainly is our stronghold. We believe that commitment brings competence and quality in work. Providing the best out from the best.


We believe that having a diverse team is essential to extract the best out of each other. We may have different background, but we share a common goal to see a change in the world.

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About us

Let us be the pathway towards the opportunities that everyone deserve.
Ensuring stories from marginalized communities are heard.

Visible. is a project-based social enterprise that aims to empower marginalized communities, as well as to provide them basic necessities according to their needs. Our main focus is to provide the marginalized with access to clean water, electricity as well as broadening their view towards the world through education. The most basic necessity is their stepping stone towards their opportunities. We believe that personal experiences and stories, expressed by the marginalized communities themselves are the purest, truest and most impactful, where people of different backgrounds can share an emotional connection through these meaningful stories. We aim to share their genuine expressions to the world, to be known and acknowledged, having them to be visible amongst the society. At the same time, more impact-driven actions can be done to empower these communities, supported and participated by locals to promote a progressive integration among the communities.


wong shy kit

Co-Founder & Managing Director shykit@projectvisible.org
With his engineering background, Shy Kit aspires to integrate the existing technologies and solutions into efforts of empowering marginalised communities. He’s also on his journey to find a cure for his eyebags.

Prasna nair

Co-Founder & Outreach Director prasna@projectvisible.org
Prasna Nair aims to empower the marginalized youth and provide women sustainable platforms for advocacy and mutual empowerment. She’s also a connoisseur of all things food, so make sure you doughnut take her lightly.

Chuah ping zhi

Co-Founder & IT Director pingzhi@projectvisible.org
Ping Zhi has a high passion and are actively involved in social causes. He has ample amount of volunteering experiences and aspire to inspire everyone to be a part of these social causes, as well as getting everyone to love FishNChips.


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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

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