Education is a very powerful tool that can transform a person’s life.

Altruism to me is to give to people out of our own inconvenience, which is something that I don’t realize myself doing only until after highschool. When I think back about it, the act of being altruistic is actually happening around me, every small act that counts. When I start realizing it, I became more helpful towards others, making it more convenient for other people out of my inconvenience, because people had helped me when I am in need, and felt how good it is to actually have people behind your back. 

Growing up in Penang, water and electricity is something really normal. Everyone has it. The world view was quite small to me when I was growing up. I only started to realize that there are serious issues on water and electricity that others face. Not everyone has the access to clean water and electricity. It can be really tough for these people. I think with the proper knowledge, we definitely will be able to help them.

Education is a very powerful tool that can transform a person’s life. It is a way to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring a better employability. We can do this by providing opportunities for them to further their education, induce the willingness to change in them. They can do so much more, and be so much more with education. If we can improve our education system, we would ultimately improve the nation.

Joshua from Project Altruism.

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