No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I don’t feel like every person in Malaysia hava the opportunity to have the access to clean water. I’ve seen a massive disparity of the access to clean water between two villages that is less than 1 kilometer away from each other. One having the help of the government, and the other rely purely on NGOs help to access clean water. 

It is hard to believe that even in developing country like Malaysia has disparity. Solely relying on NGOs is not sustainable. The government has to realise that each and every Malaysian has the right to access clean water, and if you’re not doing this for the people, then who else?

There is also this question of asking whether the indigenous community wanted that kind of development in their villages and are these people nomadic enough to not rely on access to clean water. Regardless, clean water effects every aspect of us in life, no matter who you are, it affects our health and mortality. 

Being the Vice President in UNAM youth, I feel like the awareness of such issues has to be paid attention to. I think a large fraction of our youths don’t even know we have such problems going on. Apart from that, we need to get these young people to work on these issues, because we are going to be a leader and a nation builder, we need to know what’s going on and to fix it. That’s why, through UNAM Youth, I get to amplify the awareness itself about clean water and SDGs that is prevalent to our society.

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ From Eleanor Roosevelt, it resonates me. If you think that you’re not good enough, you can always change that. Whatever impact that you leave, it is always up to you.


Yaya Norazman, Deputy Vice President of United Nation Association of Malaysia (UNAM) Youth.



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