A platform for people to listen and get inspired by the idea of altruism.

Altruism, it means the act of kindness that a lot of people oversees the importance of it. Project Altruism is an idea which we wanted to collaborate with different organizations that have been working on the value of altruism. We’ve invited different speakers from organizations that work in line with altruism, it is a platform for people to listen and get inspired by the idea of altruism. 

Growing up in Kelantan, I’ve been listening to a lot of stereotypes, saying that Kelantanese are uneducated, we are unable to speak proper English and many more. All these negative stereotypes and being ruled different is very discouraging. We might have the same opportunity for education, but it’s the stereotype and discrimination that makes the difference. It is hard to move forward if people are pushing you back.

Coming from Kelantan, the importance of clean water and electricity is very important for us, and not having both of those necessities can be really hard. I would love to be a part of projects that aims to provide necessities to people, empowers people, and a platform that is for me to contribute to the society. In the end of the day, I want to see, experience and share to other people about organizations that has a good cause and we should actually take notice of it.

Amilin from Project Altruism

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