Sympathy brings empathy towards others.

Throughout the years, my village community still lacks the access of clean water. We depend on underground water for normal household usage, while we are forced to get clean drinking water from family members that has access to clean water from taps, sometimes we had to buy water from vending machines. 

Most of the Sea Gypsy communities are currently living permanently on islands like Mabul, Bohey Boal, Sibuan, Mantabuan, Omadal, Kulapuan, Boheyan and the list goes on that’s located in Semporna, Sabah. Compared to local Malaysian, most of them have no simple access to a house, water, electricity as well as education and medication. Those who can afford it buys clean water from house to house, while those who can’t afford it, depends on rain water and well water.

Honestly, it is not fair for the Sea Gypsy communities to have no access to simple necessities while the local gets most of the privileges. The communities that I’ve seen on Omadal Island, they live on the same island, right next to each other, but has been split in to two sides. Nevertheless, they are still grateful for being allowed to build their home on the island itself.

All human beings are born the same, there’s no need for differentiation, we are all the same beings that are created by God. Just a little bit of sympathy in yourself, you will be able to build the empathy towards other human beings.

Fazlan Thomas, President of Kelab Belia Tingayan, a Human Activist. 

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